’17 Highlights & Why New Year Resolutions Are Utter Shite


’17 Highlights & Why New Year Resolutions Are Utter Shite

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Did you just say that New Year Resolutions are “Utter Shite?”

YES I DAMN WELL DID. Let me explain something to you about this resolutions malarky…

We all make them, we all break them.

Every single December, I (along with many other hooman beans) make a list of things I want to accomplish in the new year. EVERY year, I fail to make any sort of headway with 90% of my resolutions. Try as I bloody well might, many of the same objectives make it onto the list for the following year. If you’re one of those super disciplined folks who manages to fulfill their wishes for themselves, I would very much like you to divulge ALL of your secrets to me. How on earth do you manage it?

Also, I would like to know why you can’t just make an attempt to be a better you 24/7…

You’re not going to make New Year Resolutions for 2018?

I’m going to make continuous life resolutions for me, myself and I. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you’re making changes to please other people, and at least half of my past resolutions have been for that purpose. In my opinion, anything you decide to do in betterment of your own self should be simply that…for your own self. Will it make others happy too? Hopefully, but that shouldn’t be your sole motivation.

If you are wondering what my continuous life resolutions are and will be, you’ll figure it out via this blog over the coming months.

So About Those Highlights…

Oh hi there. Let me share a little list of happiness with you.

  • I FINALLY started learning to drive ( I even wrote a blog about it.) One lesson to go!
  • I attended a travel blogger event that helped me change my attitude towards a few things concerning my future with this whole thingymabobber. Great (TBEx)perience altogether folks.
  • I reached TEN THOUSAND followers on Instagram numerous times, but my involvement in FB groups for Travel Bloggers really helped me figure out good ways to use the damn platform.
  • I’ve started the process to becoming self employed…which could be either a good or bad thing going forward, I shall keep you folks in the loop there.
  • I’ve become increasingly better at being in a relationship with myself and have gotten better at telling people to feck off when I know they’re no good for me.
  • A three week holiday to Florida with the family has been booked! I’ll miss my dog, but I really need to get some travel under my belt and sun on my skin.
  • I’ve crossed a lot of TV show binges of my list thanks to my multi-tasking nature. Really great to feel accomplished for de-stressing.

It hasn’t been a bad year overall, but I really see 2018 being even better and I’m definitely looking forward to it. If you want to share your thoughts on New Year resolutions, or your list itself…don’t be afraid to pop a comment below or get in touch on my socials. I spend far too much time on that twittermabob




Clazz - An Orcadian Abroad


Ha. Every year! This is why I don’t really set them either, but this year I did some “challenges” and have also failed a few of those. Although totally smashed others, so swings and roundabouts I guess! As long as good things happen, it’s fine. 🙂



Challenges! Now that definitely sounds like a better idea. At least if you fail at those you know you’ve tried haha!

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