Jeffree x Shane Collab

The Individuals

Okay, let’s get down to it, shall we? Both Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson have had their controversies – part and parcel of YouTube life and whatnot. I will say this many times on this blog, I don’t LIKE to judge. When I do, I like to pass judgement on a case by case basis and don’t jump on bandwagons if I can help it. Some people deserve the shit they get and most don’t. I don’t want to get too deep into it, but let’s chat about the Jeffree x Shane collab shall we?

Shane Dawson

There were some bad “jokes” made that most certainly crossed lines. Please know, however, one shitty comment does not make someone a paedophile or a zoophile (bestiality bullshit.) There are racism accusations which are completely founded in truth. Shane had his racial “comedy” period when he was clearly trying to be someone he’s not. He’s also received backlash for downplaying the racism of others in his recent YouTube videos delving into the lives of the problematic stars of the platform. Yeah, I totally understand where everyone is coming from with their views of Shane Dawson.

What I want to note is how he’s actually discovered what his content should be and how he should be acting. This is a legitimate case of someone growing from past mistakes. Do I think he’s entirely moved past everything? Nope. Obviously, I don’t know him and how he acts on a daily basis but I do think that Shane isn’t as problematic as a lot of people on the platform and is getting a lot of hate that he doesn’t deserve. I enjoy watching his documentaries and I appreciate the work that goes into them.

I in no way approve of his past. It wasn’t THAT long ago when he made the mistakes that he did. Honestly, I think his current behaviour and more empathetic approach to things prove that he’s capable of a lot of more than people give him credit for. Jeffree x Shane could always be viewed as him continuing a self-reinvention of sorts.

Jeffree Star

Brilliantly business-minded but ultimately a questionable human being. Not talking about the ethereal beauty and lack of eyebrows here, just focusing on the personality “issues.” There’s going to be a massive amount of controversy surrounding someone like Jeffree, everyone should realise that. Has he made some bad decisions regarding his content and his actions? Yep. Is he currently a massively problematic component of the aforementioned community? Not that I’m aware of. That being said, I don’t generally follow the drama. I do think that, since becoming a friend of Shane’s, Jeffree has been a lot less “problematic.” There are still issues and that’s not going to change. Let’s face it, YouTube is a fucked-up world.

When it comes to the allegations of racism, I obviously do not condone anything that was said or done. Not the bad satire and not the slurs that were used. All of that seems to be in the past (at least for now.) I want to note that I’m not a full-on fan of his or anything and I don’t support Jeffree as an individual. Until buying the ‘I Gotta Go’ lip colour from the collaboration on Morphe’s website, I had not purchased anything at all from his…business ventures. I also do not subscribe to his YouTube Chanel.

The Jeffree x Shane Collection

I’m not one to wear much makeup but the products that have been born of this Jeffree x Shane collab are BEAUTS. I stand by that no matter what your opinion of either Jeffree Star or Shane Dawson is. LIKING THE MAKEUP DOES NOT EQUAL LIKING THE CREATOR (or vice versa.) You have just read my brief little opinion on both Jeffree and Shane. Do with all this what you will just know that someone liking eye shadow most certainly does not mean they approve of racist behaviour. It’s a fucking reach, stop hating each other for liking things.

I have only bought one item from the collection and probably won’t buy anything else. It would be a waste of money for me to do so considering I usually just pop on some mascara to look less dead. The ‘I Gotta Go’ lipstick is lovely and I will wear it on the days when it suits me to do so. I would have bought ‘Are You Filming’ as well if I had the funds to do so. My new hair cut needs some red lips to bring the Snow White vibes to full fruition.

A Jeffree x Shane Production…

If you haven’t watched the docuseries, I do actually recommend it.

In Summary

Both Shane and Jeffree have made mistakes, as we all do. They were BAD mistakes and they haven’t “made up” for them or anything because that’s not how it works. But they clearly have grown up over the years and acknowledge all the shit AS shit. They have pulled together a collaboration that is composed of beautiful products. They’re also not actively trying to destroy anyone’s lives or stoke the fires of hate. I for one would like to focus on battling against active hate right now and would recommend you do the same.

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