About #RFTWBlog | The (Brief) Story of Roflcopterftw


About #RFTWBlog | The (Brief) Story of Roflcopterftw

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How did it all begin?

#RFTWBlog was born of a simple social media handle.

Roflcopterftw began life as a secondary Twitter account a few years ago. It quickly became my main account and was verified in September '16 for goodness knows what reason! The application form for verification had just been made available and I decided to apply for the hell of it. Apparently my online presence at the time alongside my 40+ thousand followers was enough for me to be accepted.

20 thousand followers and nearly a year later, I'm still working on growing my blog into something awesome. I find it difficult to toss out regular content for numerous reasons but I have come to the conclusion that I need to forget all of my concerns and just get my arse writing!

Think you've seen this all before? You just might have. A few things changed recently and I talk about it over here.

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What does it mean?

Simply put, nothing and everything all at once. Let's break it down shall we?

Rofl = Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Copter = The manner in which one should rofl, around in a circle like the blades of a helicopter.

Ftw = "For The Win" because roflcopterin' is the best way to live your life.

If you think I chose the handle because it seemed all optimistic and happy, you would be wrong. I 100% chose it out of the blue, got stuck with it...and ultimately just went with the flow. Has worked splendidly for me so far, so I most certainly cannot complain!

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What does the future of Roflcopterftw look like?

I have been asking myself this question too. What I would like to do is transform this blog into something that inspires people. By that, I do mean inspiration on SO many different levels in SO many different forms.

Mainly though...

I want to inspire people to be better. To act better towards others and definitely themselves. To appreciate each other.

I want to inspire people to travel. To break out of their comfort zones and learn how to appreciate the world for all it has to offer.

I want to inspire people to discover new things. To discover new music and art, to basically expand their minds (and their stomachs...sorry but there WILL be talk of food.)

You know what? I CAN sum this up for you.

I, Roflcopterftw, would like to inspire people to grow as individuals and to appreciate life & ALL that it as to offer.

Let's do this.

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