Being A Twit Is A Good Thing ( When you do it properly)


Being A Twit Is A Good Thing ( When you do it properly)

Twitter, Suck


Let’s admit it, talking to strangers on the internet about the ups and downs in your life with minimal details is really freeing…and you don’t mind if they think you’re a complete nutter. The internet presents you with the opportunity to make “friends” with strangers who share many similar interests with you. Twitter is one of the easiest venues for all this.

Sure, the more people you follow, the more cluttered your home feed. But that’s not a bad thing, there’s some interesting info out there on the web…and 10 people aren’t going to expose you to that. For those of you out there who complain about spam and bullshit…that’s the real world. Just like in the real life, you can block people out when they cross a line.

Don’t throw caution to the wind.

I WOULD like to point out that your activity on Twitter can either help or hurt you when it comes to your actual friendships, jobs, etc…Try your hardest not to bitch and moan about everything unless you’re keeping your account private ( which makes the use of Twitter absolutely pointless.) Swearing should also be kept to a minimum unless you’re quoting someone (#ThingsMyNanSays.)

Get involved with things on twitter and use them to your advantage! You can make connections that can ultimately benefit you and partake in some interesting activities. I myself like to join along with things like #IrishMusicParty, #WaterfordBizParty & #TwizNight

Play by the rules, use apps to keep things tidy, and you’ll enjoy Twitter as much as you allow yourself to.

Oh, and don’t be a dick.


What’s all this about being a dick on Twitter?

It’s one of the things I hate most about individuals on the internet in general. But there’s a lot more anonymity on Twitter than there is on the likes of Facebook. Trolls are a huge issue online and the problem just seems to be getting bigger. On the other hand, you have people who think trolls aren’t an issue and that cyber-bullying isn’t real.

Those people are dicks too. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist is NOT the way to fix it. Problems don’t go away for no reason unless you’re a really lucky individual. If you happen to be one of them, please do help me out with a few things won’t you?


It’s probably obvious that I will be discussing Twitter a LOT on this gem of a site (biased opinion,) so please do pay attention if you’re interested in more of my opinions.

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