Oh no! Words.

Even I don't know what I expect to find here.

Short Stories

With a little bit of focus, I could definitely write a book.

My dreams make me question my sanity more than anything else does. 

Once, my grade school class and I sacrificed our Spanish teacher in a Pagan ritual. Another time, my mam chased after a woman at church because she was passing out ladles and refused to give her one. She was subsequently drowned in a pool of jello. Both of these dreams will give you a bit of insight into how much I did not enjoy my lengthy Catholic education.

I’m also convinced my creativity goes to live, and die, in my subconscious. But that could just be the undiagnosed ADHD that I definitely have.

Anyway, I’ll be posting stories from time to time. Try and enjoy. Or don’t try, but enjoy. OR try, but don’t enjoy. Honestly do whatever you want to. We’re good.