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In the changing world, how important has the internet been in connecting us globally and locally?

The internet as a whole hasn’t needed to prove its worth as we all know how important it is, but good old’ COVID has shone a light on the importance of a good connection, hasn’t it? I for one am glad that Three chucked its fair usage clause in the bin, without proper unlimited data I would be bored off my tits.

The right tools for connectivity.

Zoom and I haven’t been together very long. In fact, I only signed up for it, to begin with, so I could fail miserably at a job interview while visiting my parents in Minnesota. I guess you could say there were connectivity issues with my brain during that debacle. I haven’t used it at all during this pandemic despite the worldwide praise that it has received. That could be down to the fact that I’m used to being so far away from my immediate family: Viber has always been my go-to connection tool in that sense. Social Media covers my ass for everything else.

Thank feck there are so many options though, right? For GISH, my team gave Jitsi a whirl and that went swimmingly for video chat, while Slack took care of the rest. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, that’s okay. I’ll be doing a blog about quarantine mini-gishing at some point in the future.

While it may be a bit concerning, relying on the internet to keep the connectivity alive is a large part of our present and its importance will only increase as we get deeper and deeper into this pandemic. Societal recovery depends on it. Whether you’re relying on it for communication purposes or curing boredom, we really would be lost without our world wide web, wouldn’t we?

Ultimately, the answer to the original question that you probably thought I would never answer?

Very. The internet has been and will continue to be VERY important.


Internet friends. Are they real?

Yes. Yes, they are. If you can date on the internet, you can…friend…on the internet. Connecting with strangers online can be a tricky business, but I for one have met many incredible people through the likes of Twitter. If someone accepts you and your questionable late-night tweeting, you better hang on to them.

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