Connemara Christmas


Connemara Christmas


Classy Christmas 2016!

My parents live in Minnesota. The distance between us generally means big things as far as plans are concerned.

Christmas tends to be up in the air most years. Usually, the arrangement is one year Waterford, one year Minnesota…etc etc…

This year, Ballynahinch was the star on the top of the Christmas tree.

Last year, they rented a house out in Faithlegg and we did our puzzle on the kitchen table..stopped out to Jack Meades for a spot of dinner one night…and generally just chilled around Waterford visiting family.

This year, my parents decided a trip to Connemara was on the cards. Two in a row isn’t a normal deal. The decision was mainly due to my brother was attending college in WIT. So of course…OF COURSE…we had to have a picturesque, relaxing, catered Christmas.

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel


First of all, the staff? Absolutely delightful and welcoming (as they usually are, but there was definitely more cheer in the air.) The general atmosphere was utterly spectacular. They tend to only half fill the hotel for the Christmas period…so it was fantastic for my internal hermit. The only downside to the whole trip was having to share a room with my brother. That’s honestly a small price to pay for the experience.

We only ventured out on Christmas Eve Eve to visit Clifden for some last minute bits n’ bobs. The weather was slightly miserable, but we did stop into Connemara Blue for some of their gorgeous glass pieces and were amused by a straight talking OAP who was adamant that I get my ripped jeans patched (and that she was most definitely behaving herself.)

The Festivities

For the holiday itself they go all out with cocktail receptions and carol singing, the delicious meals are truly just the tip of the iceberg. There were activities like guided walks of the grounds ( which had me wrecked and longing to return to leisure with a hot chocolate,) and plenty of games supplied for families. We may or may not have spent quite a lot of time playing trivia games.

Beyond that, there were the decorations, which were not confined to the common areas. When we first walked into our room, we were treated to a REAL table top tree with battery lights and a Christmas card complete with a beautiful photograph of the castle.

They also provided us with wrapping supplies upon arrival and cookies before bed time (…in retrospect those could have been for Santa – but there was no milk so feck it.)

Speaking of Santa…

Can’t forget the presents!

On Christmas Eve, we came up to the room only to find a box wrapped in brown paper containing a gorgeous Magee blanket. The next morning? We woke up to a stocking on our door…full of delightful local treats and 1916 themed army men.

It’s the little things lads. <3

In conclusion, thank you for a phenomenal Christmas Ballynahinch. x

10/10 would spend the holidays with ye again.


If you’re interested in other fantabulous Irish getaways I may have made or will make in the future, you can keep an eye on bits over here.

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Beautiful! I loved visiting this castle! At Christmas sounds delightful

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