Get In Touch…

Well hello there! Trying to get in contact?

You can always head on over to my socials and say hey if you’re looking for me. As some of you know well, I’m on Twitter way more often than I should be.  I try my best to reply to everyone and usually manage it. The worst thing you can do is send me a direct message and not tell me you’ve sent one…I have a heck of a lot of followers and get a heck of a lot of spam. WHEN you see me complaining about automated direct messages you’ll understand why, even if you aren’t suffering from the same plight.

Don’t “do” social media? That’s okay too! Email is a fabulous thing lads & ladettes, most of the time. I would like to say don’t worry about being professional with me but spam filters do exist and my brain also doesn’t handle text speak well.

Therefore, I bet that you’re here for a reason…

*Do I need a reason to contact you?*

Nahhh, always up for a chat due to being all nice-ish and whatnot.

*Does that mean that I can ask questions?*

Definitely, as long as it’s not answered in depth somewhere on this website. For example, don’t ask me what Roflcopterftw means, because I’ve given you a straightforward explanation right here. IF you’re wondering why things on the blog have changed and seem to be constantly changing, you can find out some more about that over here.

*Will you reply to me?*

As long as you’re not sending me spam or being a dickhead! There’s nothing worse than going through emails and having to delete most of what has made it into the inbox!

*How does this work?*

Just send me an email!