The Importance of an Epic Experience


The Importance of an Epic Experience

Epic Ireland

Epic Adventures

In October 1996, at the tender age of 7, myself and my mother became Irish Emigrants headed to Minnesota. Although I moved back to Waterford in 2007, I spent my formative years in the USA. I have memories that will last me a lifetime. Every single experience along the way has helped mould me into who I am today. Just like Ireland has helped mould the world (get what I did there?)

Just before Christmas, I was invited to visit Epic Ireland both as a blogger and the socials persona for my mother’s company Celtic Journeys. My parents were over from Minnesota for the Christmas period so my mother decided to join me for the tour. As well as enjoying it for ourselves, we could both assess how it could be beneficial to CJ clients. We left my dad and brother to their own devices on Grafton Street and headed to our destination…

Epic Destination

Epic Ireland, located in the CHQ building on Custom House Quay in Dublin City, is ‘Dublin’s New Visitor Experience and Museum.’

…and boy oh boy is it an experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the (super friendly and informative) staff and marketing team for organising my visit.

Being Irish and thinking it would be something that was more beneficial to tourists and students, my mother was full sure we wouldn’t be spending too much time at the attraction. But that most definitely was not the case. Both my mother and I were pleasantly surprised by everything on offer and we meandered through the exhibits nodding in agreement that it was aptly named.

Upon entering, we were given a “passport” and were instructed to get it stamped at each gallery we passed through. The passport alone is a brilliant touch and no matter your age, you will find yourself ensuring that you don’t miss a single stamp…even backtracking when you’ve been undoubtedly distracted.

So that was that, we were on our way through “Epic Ireland: The Journey of a People.”

Epic Emigration

Before we knew it, we were ‘Leaving the Island.’ Right away the exhibits were bright and artistic, eye-catching and intriguing. Warning…They’ll have you contemplating all the important questions. (At this early stage on the tour, my mother wanted to highlight that she left for love as we once again headed through US Immigration…)

We wove our way through the arches underneath the upper floors…passing murals of well known faces hilariously thrown together. We may or may not have spotted Oscar Wilde sporting a selfie stick.

From past to present, Epic Ireland takes you on a journey detailing the contributions of one nation to many nations. Screens surround you showing images and quotes of influential events and people that have made their mark on history and the world, and of those that continue to do so to this day. Discoveries and inventions, sports and religion…the topics are endless and you’ll be making discoveries of your own…I could go on and on…and on. Literature, Film, Art…we’re feckin’ awesome world!

Epic Realisations

Look, we all know the impact that Ireland has had on the world, but I can wholeheartedly guarantee you will learn something new if you take a trip to Epic Ireland. If ever you find yourself on the Quays in Dublin with a few hours to spare…you know where to go. IF you are someone who doesn’t think that our past dictates our future, then this is something you need to see. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or how old you are…this is, these are…stories that make waves throughout the world even today. The topics of Emigration and Immigration are forever ingrained into the collective story of humanity.


You want to play a trivia game about notorious badassery and devilment? Epic has you sorted.




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Beautifully written and inspirational!

Alice Chen


I love museums! This is why!



I like the way quotes and images are displayed as shown in your photos. They really look intriguing. And I like your viewpoint about emigration and immigration as well. Some food for thought for the day. 🙂

Patricia Steffy (@PLSteffy)


I love the idea that this museum isn’t just about the interior experience, but actually explores Ireland’s impact on the world through its people. Sounds like a fascinating set of exhibits, and I so want to see it someday!



That sounds really like an Epic experience 🙂 Love the idea of giving you the passport and asking the visitors to get it stamped. So much awesomeness in such a small place definitely sounds interesting. I shall keep this in mind for my visit to Ireland.

Anna Hammerschmidt


This sounds like a very interesting experience! I love the idea of the passport to get stamped. It makes the experience interactive.

Natasha Atlas


Super interesting! Great blog! =)



Love museums, and it’s true, we learn so much about adaptation if we do not forget about our past. So epic how they try to marry the past with the present by introducing the passport system to take you back in time.



Inspiring story! This looks like an interesting place. It’s cool that your included your own family history and experience. Thanks!



Thank you for sharing this thoughtful piece! I also loved the idea of stamping the passports to make the experience more interactive. So nice that you were able to enjoy this with your mother.

Jennifer Schlueter


Sounds like an epic, informative adventure 😀 I agree with our past shaping us, but I just hope people are not letting negative past experiences shape their future 😉

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