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#RFTWBlog is an Irish twenty-something’s travel & lifestyle blog infused with music, madness & mediocrity.

If you’ve come here from my Twitter, then you probably know what to expect. If you’ve managed to find me through some other means please know that I’m unapologetically…me. Don’t worry, as you’ll soon find out, that’s not a bad thing.

Feel free to browse the blog and check out the photos. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you’re just up for a chat.


Here lies the fantabulous area in which I poorly chronicle the difficulty with which I manage adulthood. This is a must read if you’re in search of kinda okay advice. Composed of 70% Optimism & Positivity.

Topics include but are not limited to Social Media, Social Situations & Social Avoidance.


Ready to get wanderlusty? Join me as I gush about my favourite places on this planet we call Earth. Let’s get mathematical with our bucket-lists (+/-)  and figure out how to survive the real world.

Topics include but are not limited to How To, How Not To  & How DEFINITELY Not To.


Did someone say Spotify? Forgive me if (when) I fangirl whilst discovering some “bitchin'” new tunes. Also forgive me if (when) I fangirl over current and past faves.

Topics include but are not limited to honest reviews, nonsensical playlists & overall opinions and thoughts about the music industry.