Learning to Drive at 28


Learning to Drive at 28


You’re finally learning to drive?

Yes, that’s right. As of this moment I am half way through my lessons. I’m totally a natural at this whole driving thing…kind of. I took to it quickly and can get from A to B if I really need to but I’m still at that “HOLY SHIT MY NERVES” stage. Things feel a lot differently than I thought they would but it has been mostly a positive experience up until this point. Hopefully everything will remain positive going forward. Huge thanks to my instructor Maurice for being laid back and understanding the plight of overthinking while learning.

Why now? What made you give it a go?

Honestly, my nan’s car insurance was due for renewal and there was a good deal to add me to her policy. On top of that, she’s getting older and therefore less confident behind the wheel, which means I have the opportunity to actually get the use of the car even if I have to play chauffeur. The fact that my mother decided to assist me by paying for everything? Yes, that also helped and as someone who has been mostly unemployed since 2013 I am incredibly grateful for that.

Why didn’t you learn “back in the day?”

I was living in Minnesota, I had a part time job after school and I just didn’t have any desire to learn. Do I regret that lack of desire? Slightly…but only because it’s such a long process. I would have had to go through it all again once I returned to Ireland so in a way, it was good that I didn’t “waste” my time learning. Sure I disliked that lack of freedom and the fact that I had to depend on others to get places, but public transportation isn’t all that bad folks.

So, how do you feel about driving?

It was a hell of a lot easier to get used to things than I thought it would be. That could be due to the fact that I’ve spent my years in the passenger seat actually paying attention. I’m also a quick learner when it comes to most things, so as long as I follow instructions I’m pretty much on top of everything. As I mentioned above, I’m still a bit nervous about things. Which is most definitely understandable right? As important as it may be, it’s also a dangerous thing…people are idiots. Ultimately I’m looking forward to being able to actually go places and do things.

What do you think the biggest downside is for you, learning in your late twenties?

Honestly? I feel that the only downside is feeling weird about it. Sure overthinking things is going to be a problem as well, but that’s just about my personality and not my age. There’s a smidgen of a self-confidence issue when I’m actually out and about in the car. I try not to care what people think about me in general, but each time I get out there I’m asking those awkward questions internally. “Is she not a bit old to be learning?” I KNOW that people learn a lot later in life and I admire those people who don’t give any feckin’ fecks. Driving is a skill that is necessary for many folks and it really doesn’t matter how old you are when you learn, it’s about learning when you need to learn.


Yeah dudes, they’re not that bad as long as you actually pay attention. The tiny little roads of Ireland are far worse than all those circles you’ll be driving in.

How do you think you’ll do on the test?

Lads, don’t even get me started. My younger cousins and one of my aunts have all learned with the same instructor and passed first time. You don’t know the half of the stress that has me under to be half decent at what I’m doing! As I’m only half way through the lessons, I have a long way to go…but I think I may do OKAY on the test. I don’t want to jinx anything so I’m not going to even attempt being confident. I still haven’t reversed, practiced proper parking or gotten the hang of a hill start. SO…I will keep you updated, I promise.

What now?

I finish my lessons, I pass the test with flying colours and I travel the county and country exploring and writing! Obviously.

As I mentioned in my recent post about my TBEX experience, I want to really start promoting Waterford as the awesome spot that it actually is. Being able to actually drive myself places where public transportation can’t reach? Yeah, I’m looking forward to that so much more than you could even imagine.

It’s time to start composing a list of dog friendly lodgings…

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