Multiple Reasons Why Waterford Is Definitely Just Better…


Multiple Reasons Why Waterford Is Definitely Just Better…


Waterford eh?

Yes…this is about that Kilkenny article on Twas rather rude to bring about some comparisons to Waterford and not focus solely on the good points of our neighbours in a more general tone. It’s all well and good to write an article about why a city is good or bad…but actually (badly) comparing them? That’s just not on lads.

Firstly, and to get the most IMPORTANT thing out of the way, Waterford doesn’t care about what websites or rivals say about it…because it’s a city and county….that is Feckin’ BRILLIANT. We’re basically an IRL Doublemint gum ad (and then some.)

Let me show you some proof…

Waterford has hosted the Tall Ships Race TWICE, and it was one hell of a party TWICE.

The city boasts two fantastic craft beers, Metalman and Dungarvan.

There’s a Distillery AND kick ass Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur.

We have a WITty college with five campus’ and Parnell St has WCFE.

Waterford has two hospitals, because Whitfield is more than just a clinic, and the Regional is…well…regional.

We have two bridges, because we’re so damn popular that no one wanted to bypass US…

There are not one, but TWO food festivals. We catch you on either side of the summer, because we want you to love our local produce as much as we do. We have West Waterford in April and Harvest in September.

Definitely sounds festive right?

Speaking of festivals, our “summer” is positively packed with them. Not a weekend goes by without some sort of entertainment popping up in the heart of the city. One of the best festivals of the summer is Spraoi. You know…that INTERNATIONAL STREET ARTS FESTIVAL…complete with parade and fireworks?


It’s not just summer having all the fun though, in case you hadn’t heard, we also have this BEAST of a Christmas festival called Winterval.

Don’t worry if festivals aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of spots for a good night out with a pub suitable for each age group…and most within walking distance of each other. The Reg even put together an entire 1916 inspired cocktail menu!

As far as hurling goes, Waterford may not win against the likes of Kilkenny all that often, but have you seen how damn proud we are of our lads? We don’t just pop up the flags and the bunting, we paint our walls! There’s no such thing as taking in the colours when we lose.

We take the piss out of ourselves, the country, and the world, on a daily basis with Waterford Whispers News. We also take things seriously from time to time with the News & Star and Munster Express…and also have two free papers for your enjoyment every week. Basically…we all know what’s going on around us.

There’s a talented bunch ’round here.

We support the arts (SO well there’s something on the whole time:)

Central Arts

Garter Lane Arts Centre

Theatre Royal

What else do we have?

Beaches – Tramore, Dunmore, Ardmore, Woodstown…you practically hopped around those and many more as a kid growing up in Waterford – and if you forgot to bring the “picnic” there was always ice cream near by.

Jack Meades – older than all of us and still going strong.

Gardens – we have our own garden trail…visiting Mount Congreve at the right time of year? Amazing!

Flahavans – It’s not just Blaas lads…we’re completely sorted for our breakfast items…

Look, I could go on and on…and on…but I won’t. Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city, the Irish Flag was flown here for the first time, on The Mall, in 1848.

Waterford is an Ice Cream Sundae with a cherry on top…and if anyone has an issue with us? They’re #TotesJelly.

…and for everything I’ve forgotten to mention, I’ll hand things over to Waterford In Your Pocket aka WIYP.

P.S. Have you seen our Penneys?

Seriously…have you?

If you’re looking for some more words on Waterford from myself, stay tuned. There are things in the works with this blog and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised soon enough. If you’re too lazy to keep an eye out just check back here every once and a while.



Maria Flynn Conway





Muldoon made in Tipperary. you forgot Blackwater Distillery is based in Cappoquin.

Jessica Flynn


Muldoon’s is made in Knockanore, Co. Waterford….and I said that I wasn’t going to mention everything and that I’d definitely forget things. 🙂

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