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Modern Rape Culture

It’s true, no one is asking for it. Female or male, young or old, single or married. NO ONE. I have watched the Asking For It documentary and I’ve read through comments on Twitter. There’s so much ignorance about rape, rape culture, and consent.

We live in a society where lads stand outside nightclubs chatting and commenting yes or no on girls walking into the building. Often, the perception is that if they haven’t bothered to show some skin, they’re not worth time and effort.

But it’s not even that, pop culture has us ruined. Too many of our favorite songs blur the lines. For goodness sake, even ‘Kiss the Girl’ from the Little Mermaid has questionable lyrics.

For those of you who believe the documentary was more anti-male than a discussion on Rape Culture in Ireland, you need to re-watch it. There was a heavy focus on the issue of CONSENT and the idea that most individuals are insanely under informed. Anyone has the potential to be a rapist, both men and women are capable.

Things Need To Change

There needs to be a comprehensive program available, and not just for younger individuals. So many adults are just as poorly misinformed which in turn affects their opinions on the cases which are made public. Another issue is silence…which is as much due to a lack of education as it is due to fear.

When I was maybe…12 or 13…I was crossing the street in BROAD DAYLIGHT with my mother, and a group of young boys were taking turns running out into the middle of the road to smack girls/women on the arse (I was unlucky enough to be one.) Due to it being a busy intersection, a lot of the women didn’t bother waiting to walk back over to reprimand the kids.

The fact that people let things like that go…that’s what really destroys any chance of us repairing our cultural issues.

MAYBE pay close attention to the world around you before passing judgement on others, and before jumping to conclusions about the experiences of others…

If you have been a victim, know that you’re not alone.

“It’s really difficult to accept kindness.”

As hard as it may seem, voicing your opinion is important. You may think that it’s easier to be quiet, but you really should talk to someone, anyone. Sometimes it’s much easier to talk to strangers, if you find that is the case, there are many forums where you can do so. Many people such as myself are more than willing to be that shoulder you need to cry on.

Haven’t watched the Asking For It documentary yet? Check it out on the RTE Player

October ’17 Edit:

With everything that has been happening over the past while regarding accusations/allegations/politics, I will most likely be talking about this subject quite a bit going forward. Please keep an eye on my Unbridled Opinions section for a few choice words.

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