Positively Negative.


Positively Negative.


Positivity is the key to survival lads. Times are tough, and people are mean.


Please stop being so easily offended by everything. It’s alright to find fault in things from time to time, but we need some damn progress lads. Every article, every event, every…everything is picked apart by people who have nothing better to do with their time then destroy others.

Every single person on this earth is entitled to an opinion, and although they should not be insulted for having that opinion…it’s okay to disagree (respectfully.)


Create conversation but be respectful of those opinions that differ from your own. Debate is healthy and is a natural part of human interaction.

Some may argue that bullying and the like is also natural…and sadly, they’re right. But there needs to be a balance of negativity and positivity in this world, so be who you are and don’t let others sway you out of your opinion.


Be who you are and do what you want to do…unless it negatively affects the well being of another person, or group of people.

Simply put? Be you…but don’t be a massive dick.

Yeah, confusing huh? That’s life.

How important is positivity though?

Do you even need to ask me that? Even the pretense of positivity is a step in the right direction. Try it! Rather than helping to build upon the growing heaps of negativity surrounding us.

Be the sparkle in someone’s day!

I’m not even worried about how lame that sounds. Our actions have more of an affect on complete strangers than we can even imagine! A simple hello could better someone’s day immeasurably.  Here, have some quotes!

Please feel free to leave some comments about your interactions or your efforts to remain positive despite your surroundings. Also don’t hesitate to get in touch with topics you’d like me to toss out my opinions on. Keep an eye out for some positive mental health scribblings!

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