Search Engine Optimization is a Pain in the Backside


Search Engine Optimization is a Pain in the Backside


Seriously, SEO is an arsehole.

Right now, I am worried about the SEO ranking of a blog post about feckin’ SEO. I’m using the fantastic Yoast plugin and it is helping me sort my shit out, but boy oh boy is it a lot of work. First of all, I only kind of knew what I was in for when I decided to start taking this super seriously.

Feel free to check out the Social Media section that I’m slowly getting up and running in this neck of the woods. If you’re looking for advice on an issue and think I can point you in the right direction, please feel free to comment below and I will do my best to tackle things.

Thinking of either building or growing a blog? Let’s get into a quick rundown on why this whole process is a bit of a (necessary) headache.


Know which words are going to be your cornerstone content before you dive in headfirst and be prepared to write three times as many words to explain your choices. You really should do keyword research as well, but I’m too tied to building and rebuilding things. I swear I’ll do it in the future, but right now things are kind of straight forward. I’m more concerned with content than traffic at this moment in time though so that’s working for me.

Posts & Pages

Hopefully, this is glaringly obvious to most of you. You’re going to need to write content that will get shit done. I’m not going to toss words like indexing at you and then not explain them. Unless I do just that and you have to deal with it…ultimately, know that keywords are important across the board. On top of all the usual “stuff” you have to worry about passive voice and transition words. Basically, SEO wheels you through your teenage years and drops you off in English class.


I definitely figured you’d have to put a little effort into boosting the appearance of your photos so they turn up in search results and whatnot. Consequently, there’s a lot more to the whole thing than just popping in a relevant word and whatnot. It’s so much more straightforward to ensure that your images are properly named before and while you upload them. Also, if you’re looking to compress things to help with site speed you’re going to need to pay attention to the url of the image once it’s been added to your media library. Who new question marks and similar characters were problematic for plugins?


This was the only SEO area that actually surprised me as much as it did. I’ve already begun typing up hefty descriptions for categories. I have also cut back on many in order to just simplify things…and my life. Like interactions on social media, search engine optimization is time consuming but all that work will eventually pay off. You know, as long as you’re writing about things that people actually want to read about. If you’re just making shite up as you go along (like I am,) you’re probably fecked.

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