Set It Off

Tip: Read this in an Irish accent and remember that I’m 27.

After taking the weekend to listen to Set It Off’s new album Upside Down repetitively, I have come to a few conclusions:

Whoever you are…you NEED to listen to it ( and Set It Off.)

In its entirety. Multiple times. With me…so I can do things like point out where they make references to older songs. Or without me…so I won’t be wondering why you’re not singing it back. I’ll toss up a link there at the bottom just in case you’re oddly technologically challenged. Furthermore, if you want to check them out, just visit their website or socials…I strongly encourage this.

Favorite(s) CANNOT be chosen.

Dudes turned out one hell of an album and I’m in complete awe of their #Skillz. They’ve come a long way since Baby You Don’t Tripajaharda…and this shit just keeps getting better. Seriously…I was waiting for one song to jump out and say “HEY, I’m your new tattoo…let’s go to the bank!” I don’t know what to do lads…what do I do?!

My neighbours all think that I’ve been accusing them of something horrendous.

Apparently….belting out “JUUSSSTT ADDDMIIIITTT IIIITT” will have people wondering what the fuck they’ve just done wrong. I seriously need to reconsider singing at the top of my lungs with the windows open. Got me stranger looks than I did that time I sang ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ on that cruise in Mexico when I was 14.

I will never be able to master the lyrics in ‘Hypnotized.’

I’m still not even 100% on ‘One Week’ and the Barenaked Ladies pumped out that jam when I was 9 years old…you’d think I’d be able to sing about Chinese chicken by now. I’m not lyin’ I was really tryin’ to help Cody sing about the spewin’ of bullshit I’m just not adept at keepin’ up.

Perfect interpretive choreography for each song on the album DOES exist.

No, you can not see or learn any of the moves…they can only be performed half dressed in a dimly lit kitchen while making a cup of tea and consuming Jaffa Cakes.


Those Floridian fuckers Set It Off will be my favorite band forever. 

As long as they get their arses in to gear and come back to Ireland again in the near future. I feel as if planning trips around their gigs is getting a little weird. I have seen them 9 times in 4 years…and I live in Ireland.

It’s all for the hugs folks.

I mean…I got a poster signed November 2012 when I saw them for the first time (this poster is in lieu of a ticket stub because of that whole paying at the door thing back in the day….when I also didn’t have to fight 14 year old girls to get a spot at the front.)

Set It Off from there to here:

I’ll tell you right now, the travel is well worth it. ( I assume my parents like to think its them I’m visiting in MN.)

February 26th 2013…London @ Koko

July 21st 2013…Shakopee, MN @ Warped Tour

October 05th 2013…Dublin @ Academy 2

October 06 2013…Belfast @ Oh Yeah Music Centre

October 24th 2014…Maplewood, MN @ Myth

May 06th 2015…London @ Camden Underworld

October 09th 2015…London @ Roundhouse

July 24th 2016…Shakopee, MN @Warped Tour


You’re such a fangirl.

I tend to make sure that my fangirl ways maintain a distance from the objects of my affection…so far so good. I’m an adult #DontChaKnow, I’m well aware I don’t look or act my age (except when it really counts.) I’d like to think I’m rather skilled at the whole “maintaining composure” thing. – I’ve seen friends practically faint when meeting musicians. I once had to drag a friend over to meet Mike Shinoda, after shaking his hand she insisted her mother stop at Walgreen’s to purchase tape in order to “preserve his germs.”

How did it all begin with Set It Off though?

Station 4 – Minneapolis, MN. ( Now closed but once home to all my hopes and dreams of meeting musicians I loved and admired.) I was in Minnesota for my Grandmother’s funeral and needed some sort of…something before heading for my flight home. That was when I first heard them…and well…I’ve seen them several times since in multiple locations…in multiple countries. I’m 87% sane, I swear. I met them afterwards and Cody gladly signed my poster with “We WILL come to Ireland.” It made it home intact and now hangs on what one can only describe as a dedicated “Set It Off Wall.”

Again, I would like to point out to you that I AM an adult…and a Dream Catcher FO LYF YO.


As promised: 


In conclusion, there WILL be more for me to say about these lads in the future, so keep an eye on the music section of my blog for more in depth chit chat and opinions on Set It Off and other musicians!

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