WTF Happened To The Blog?


WTF Happened To The Blog?


You may or may not have noticed, but things with the blog have…changed.

Here’s the Story

For some inexplicable reason, my website crashed…disconnected from wordpress…became briefly inaccessible..and basically just died.  I’ve asked for assistance and contacted support and the general consensus is something was corrupt within the blog and its components. Chances are it was a plugin issue, because up until the whole fiasco began, I had been having sporadic issues with jetpack. My eyes crawled through error logs and in the end I was just too tired to continue and took events as an opportunity to mold my website into something even better than it was previously.


I had my blog bits n’ bobs backed up and had exported material to rebuild…but no matter how prepared I was for things to go POOF…it proved difficult to get them back. So basically, I’m here without many of my recent posts and pages. OOPS. As someone who tries their best to be optimistic about things, I’ve decided to completely change things about.

Oh Well

With this optimistic outlook, I figure this crash couldn’t have come at a better time. I have expressed my desire to make a full hearted effort at this blogging thing as part of turning 28 this month. I’m already well on my way to making the other changes I had listed in the now lost post entitled “28 Ways I’m Improving My Shit.” Don’t worry, there will be another similar post available shortly.

So What Now?

Things are already prettier are they not? Feel free to leave me some comments telling me what you’d like to see done differently…or just…done. I’m open to changing things about. After all, if something doesn’t suit my readers, doesn’t it make sense to change things up?! I do hope you find everything somewhat satisfactory nonetheless. Maybe I’ll change things up again just for the hell of it. I’m never really content with how things are configured (that’s a much more likely outcome.)


Let’s Go Blog!


The about me & about RFTW pages are next on the to-do list, so now is the time to ask any questions you may have about things. *Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*

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