The “Giveaway”


The “Giveaway”

Xmas Giveaway

Why the quotations Jessica?!

This isn’t just some random item Christmas giveaway, this is much more interesting than that. At least I think it is…

Are you ready to be stalked on social media (in a completely normal way?) The names of all my lovely blog subscribers will be put into a metaphorical hat and ONE winner will be chosen to receive…

A personalised Christmas surprise!

That was a little anti-climactic wasn’t it? It’s much better than it may sound.  Let’s look at the positives shall we?

You get something you will probably like, and want.

You might get candy from a stranger without your life being in danger.

All you have to do in return is get an email from me once a month (and maybe read my blog.)

I honestly can’t think of any negatives?

xmas giveaway

The Conditions

“No purchase necessary” (It’s “free” to give this a whirl, I just want your soul in return.)

You have to be following me on at least one social media platform.

You have to be subscribed to my blog. (

That’s it really…you can be anyone as long as you (maybe) like reading the shite I spew on my blog and on my socials. Sounds fair enough right? Yes, the gift will be “age appropriate” if the winner happens to lack adultness.

If you’re the winner…

First of all, one thing I’m obviously going to need is your address, so if you don’t want me to have it, let me know! Secondly, will also be asking you for a wishlist of sorts. No, I will not be getting you a new IPhone. Let’s be realistic folks. Your present will be a bit of a hybrid, part wishlist…part stalked information. Who doesn’t want a nice Christmas surprise?

If you win and unsubscribe to the blog, you’re a dick. Don’t be a dick.


I MIGHT send you socks.

It’s a real giveaway if you get something practical right?

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be chosen AND notified privately via email on the 15th of November. The winner will then be announced “publicly” in my next newsletter, on the 1st of December. The present itself will be sent shortly thereafter to make it to them for Christmas, depending on where in the world the individual happens to be located.

I have wayyyyyy more followers on Twitter than subscribers, therefore you have a pretty good chance to win…and if you don’t, there’s always next Christmas (or easter…)

In conclusion, f you have any questions about all of this, do give me a shout.

Please feel free to peruse my blog now if you’ve got some free time….

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